Portable state grants and loans

Portable state grants and loans

An overview and their contribution to outgoing student mobility
Queenie K.H. Lam, Danja Oste with Irina Ferencz and Bernd Wächter

ISBN 978-3-86856-011-4
2013, paperback, 144 pages
29,80 EUR 

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Portable state grants and loans possess enormous “potential” for supporting outgoing student mobility. Over 25 European countries have allowed such national funds to be used outside their national borders. Among them, some 15 countries reported that their state grants and/or loans can be used, in principle, for both outgoing credit and degree mobility, offering annually at least 1.65 million students the “opportunities” to use such fi nancial aid to study abroad.

For degree mobility alone, around 60 500 students took up such opportunities. This number represents a small fraction of all the benefi ciaries of student aid in Europe, but covers a substantial share of mobile students in systems that are “open for all”.